Monthly Archives: August 2008

this blog will not deal with hardcoding or anything of that matter.  this is something about designing the appearance.

 if readers will observe, my blogs are focused mostly on some simple things which is very easy to achieve (requires only a good imagination and a little bit of patience) yet which might be useful or might give an app a feel of “coolness” of some sort.

most of the times when an idea hits me and when i think it might give an impact to any of my apps, i put it into action.  this morning, i felt i needed… Continue reading

here i go again.  another interest caught my attention, this time about creating a listing of my contacts.  i really am very forgetful with these matters.  i have these lists placed before on a page frame, each with its own grid.  but since i played last time with treeview and was able to make it run, i said to myself, yep, i will make my contact lists look sleeker and create a treeview for that too.  however,  i thought later why not put it in a mobile phone image instead to make it appear more realistic?  that would be cooler!  … Continue reading

well it has been long time since i last blogged so i said to myself, create some again.  this one is very simple indeed, but if my way of approaching things like in myintro form is not known and became useful to some members, who knows about this one?  maybe these two simple things can also help others?

let us find out!

spinner dates:

i was under the impression that there are still members using either a plain textbox for date entry or a popup/dropdown calendar of some sort.  plain textbox for dates is ok but that is it, it… Continue reading