smart backup version 2

i have created a makeover to show how the power of imagination when properly applied can turn a simple concept and object to a better and appealing one with nativebarx.  and the immediate responses are better than the first one.

so it is just fair for my smart backup to also have the makeover.  i actually planned to rename it also as smarter backup but i fear that i may be going overboard with that one, lol!  but still, if i have used that name and some member again complained, i can just simply say "because it is smarter than the first release, lol!"

so here it is now, the rebirth of smart backup with a few tricks added.  you must  extract contents inside c:\smartbackup folder, if you don't have it, create it.  or you can extract this one and rename the folder later as smartbackup.

as i notice i always say in my previous blogs, enjoy!

update november 27, 2008:

i forgot to caution readers that if you will be using this to backup "live" data, you might want to follow the exchanges first on foxite to get a better understanding of the concept.  if you will simply use this as the standard backup where everybody is already logged out, then just download the sample, attach it in your project and that is it!

2 Responses to Smart Backup Enhanced Version

  • Joey says:

    This is unusable without the xrole.dbf it is asking for. It wasn’t in the .ZIP.

  • sandstorm36 says:

    I checked the codes and can’t find any coding reference to my xrole.dbf so I checked the Data Environment (DE) and found it there.  It has nothing to do anymore with my sample here so just delete that.  

    Sorry for overlooking that.  

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