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i was very surprised with the response i received with my vfp native progress bar in my gmail account.  i never expected that simple bar will generate that reaction from members of foxite.  and so, that progress bar which i seldom pay attention before now received further enhancement from me in the way of gui.  so last night, i played with it again and let me introduce to you now the newly improved native vfp progress bar.  it mutated into nativebarx (it is still not an activex but again, i want to call it like that, lol!)

the sample i attached here are just that, sample.  as i've said before, it can be extended to suit your needs (visually) and so you can also continue playing with it.  attached herewith is nativebarx.zip, you must extract it to root folder c:\  otherwise you need to point the picture location of the car and the comet yourself.

when i have new ideas and when i have more time, i will create some more for those who will be interested in using my nativebarx. so watch out for that!

again, enjoy!

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