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don’t you get tired of seeing merlin or genie on all other apps?  haven’t you wished to use other msagents for your own app to make it a little bit unique?  or have tried, but got stuck in the process because the commands shown in the example is not working or is ignored by other msagent characters?

well worry no more, this blog (it sounds more like a commercial, lol!) will teach you on how to properly mobilize your agents.  the trick is, like any other agents (that includes militaries); you need to know the commands like "jump!" where they… Continue reading

i have posted this inside foxite forum under thread id: 174675 and have completely forgotten about it, until today when a member requesting help have made me remember this. and so, i now decided to include this among my blogs.  excerpt of the original post follows:

a very simple way of creating a form for user login name and password

during my early years of developing an app with vfp, the need to create a login form to validate user logins came, and so i created one that i am still using up to present. i was able to create… Continue reading

smart backup version 2

i have created a makeover to show how the power of imagination when properly applied can turn a simple concept and object to a better and appealing one with nativebarx.  and the immediate responses are better than the first one.

so it is just fair for my smart backup to also have the makeover.  i actually planned to rename it also as smarter backup but i fear that i may be going overboard with that one, lol!  but still, if i have used that name and some member again complained, i can just simply say "because… Continue reading

vfp nativebarx

i was very surprised with the response i received with my vfp native progress bar in my gmail account.  i never expected that simple bar will generate that reaction from members of foxite.  and so, that progress bar which i seldom pay attention before now received further enhancement from me in the way of gui.  so last night, i played with it again and let me introduce to you now the newly improved native vfp progress bar.  it mutated into nativebarx (it is still not an activex but again, i want to call it like that, lol!)

the… Continue reading