Monthly Archives: May 2008

backing up of live-data

the last time i created my very first article here in foxite, ken murphy volunteered to be my editor, and that gave me a brief direct communication with him before he passed away.  one of the advices he had given me is “try not to kick out users when doing backup!” (not exact words).

also, when i began contemplating creating a new backup method with that concept, the words of one of our colleague also echoed in my mind “i use text file to create a backup – christian tabligan”.  so i likewise considered it for… Continue reading

adding a graphical
analog clock in your form

this technique is actually not
mine; it is from glenn villar, my cousin.  i introduced vfp to him
sometime in 2006 because i have seen his potential in the field of programming
and i don’t want such talent to be put into waste.  so i taught him my
unorthodox way of doing things which mostly came out of experimentations and he showed also some innovations that came from his own experimentations,
this one is among them.

so when mike yearwood asked me
about this, i have to consult glenn first because imho,… Continue reading

hi to everyone,

this is my first blog and i hope you will find some
topics inside here useful.  i decided to
create a blog for small bits of info that might or might not be beneficial to
members. some of the topics i am planning to include are:

  • creating native vfp progress bar (which is our topic now)
  • skinning your own app
  • adding clocks to your form
  • and anything i can think of later....

so to start with, and have a little effect to begin with,
let’s mimic some famous words in sports entertainment.  are you ready to… Continue reading