this weekend, i finally had time to work on the class. here are some updates:

  1. support for dynamics introduced with sp2
  2. support for objects rotation (only on labels and fields)
  3. rounded rectangles are now supported, thanks to code of dorin vasilescu.
  4. support for underline (not yet finished, and not sure if will be in final version, just for testing)

i'm not using a subclass of the ffc classes.  the only requirement is the gdiplusx library and haru dll, both included in the download.

for a quick view, run the test form, and pick any of the reports included.
download the updated class, try it and let me know if you have any issues or suggestions.


9 Responses to PDFx Update Support for some SP2 Features

  • It errors looking for pdfxf.vcx which it can’t find.

    the vcx is actually named pdfx but int he testform I don’t see a reference to the vcx in question


    The VCX should be in your path, the code is in the click event of the command buttons.

  • Hi thanks for your nice class, but I have a question:

    I tried to Convert a Report we are using and the Labels wich are using Arial Bold Fonts aren’t converted as bold into the PDF.

    Is there  something I can do about that?

    Well with Arial Bold it works for me, don’t know what could be your problem. The class will have problems with no TTF fonts, Arial is a TTF so not sure what may be wrong with your reports. Check in your windows Registry if you have an entry for Arial Bold in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

  • Jean-Luc MARTIN says:

    Hi Jean Luc, thanks for the kind words. I’m sorry but haru library pdf does not support the features you request here. As soon as they update the DLL I will check.



    Thanks for your class… it really works and it’s very quick.. I’ve got 2 questions…

    – I need to create a PDF that can’t be edited or copied but must be opened without any password (just a master password)… Is there a solution with your class ?

    – For another project, I just need to open a PDF, modifie title, put securities (not allow copy and editing), put a masterpassword and save/close. Do you have a idea with your class ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Todd Ferrullo says:

    I have begun using your class and have it found it to be extremely useful. However, the one thing that I have noticed is that when using it as a normal PDF rather than a PDF as image, is that the labels on my reports all are moved to the right on the PDF. Is there any way to prevent this other than just creating them as an image?

    Thanks for the quality class.

    You are welcome, sorry for the late answer. I will take a look at the code and try with different alignments in labels

  • Great job!

    It works as you said, it is usable “right out of the box”…

    Would be nice to be able to handle pictures in objects (fill)…

    Well done!

    Thanks a lot for your nice words

  • Brad Sanmarie says:

    Great, great job!

    People like you give me hope for VFP’s longevity.

    I am curios about the “Merge Document” option. What is it and when can I play with this new toy?

    Again, many thanks.

    Thanks for you kind words, Cesar Chalom has already modified the class to include Merge Documents capability take a look at his Blog

  • Victoria McKee says:

    I have been looking for this for years!  Thanks for your work and sharing this with the Fox community.  I noticed that in your samples you were able to include jpgs in your report samples.  I have been trying to use a bmp as letter head for my company, but with no success.  Can you give an a suggestion on this?  The bmp is 33k and is in a different directory then the project.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

    Thanks for the comment, well just be sure the folder where the bmp is stored ins in the VFP Path with Set Path

  • Victoria McKee says:

    We converted our BMPs to Jpgs and the images are printing perfectly.  Thanks again for sharing your solution.

    Good, you are welcome!!!

  • Victoria McKee says:

    I have created a little proc that is creating my PDFs beautifully when I run it within VFP, but when I create an executable, I have some values returned to my form which really messes up my form.  

    As you can probably tell, I have stripped out the heart of your form and put is in a little proc.  Have I missed something that tells it to suppress the values that are returned?

    Local loListener As “PdfListener” Of “Pdfx.vcx”

    loListener = NewObject(‘PdfListener’, ‘c:\amSpd\Libs\PDFx.vcx’)

    loListener.cCodePage=”CP1252″ &&CodePage

    loListener.cTargetFileName = mTargetName

    Report Form (mSourceName) Object loListener

    RELEASE loListener

    There are 2 long numbers (they change, but seem to be 8 digits long), a number with 4 decimal places (so far it is 792.0000), a .T., and a 1.  When I compiled and run your sample, there were no values returned.  Do you have the time to answer my question?


    Hi, I think that is more related to Set Talk Setting than PDFx, also take a look at the NoConsole option of the Report Form Command

    Please let me know if that was the case

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