hi there. i really hate the tooltiptext header bug introduced in vfp9 sp2. i always wanted a fix or an easy workaround. i came with a simple solution that suits my needs, i hope it will work for someone else.

i really love the grid enhancements class of craig boyd and a lot of this class it's based in his code with a mix of cesar chalom's technic for tooltips in foxcharts.

in foxcharts, tooltips are simple vfp label objects.

one of the biggest requirements, was to be able to use the native tooltiptext property of the headers (to prevent… Continue reading

this weekend, i finally had time to work on the class. here are some updates:

  1. support for dynamics introduced with sp2
  2. support for objects rotation (only on labels and fields)
  3. rounded rectangles are now supported, thanks to code of dorin vasilescu.
  4. support for underline (not yet finished, and not sure if will be in final version, just for testing)

i'm not using a subclass of the ffc classes.  the only requirement is the gdiplusx library and haru dll, both included in the download.

for a quick view, run the test form, and pick any of the reports included.
download the… Continue reading

    hurry, hurry and download the sp2 for vfp!!!


just wondering when will be all the dbi activex available?

we had a meeting some time ago in the company where i work, we were speaking in ways for a better use of the bandwidth of our connection. one of the points we talk about, was that every file sent as an attachment, should be a zip file. we all agree about this, but during the next week, we find out that not all of the employes were going to follow the rule (some because "they don't know how" even when you have teached them, some because they don't want to, etc). so i tought about a program that will… Continue reading