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that is an article from msdn - inversion of control and dependency injection: working with windsor container discuss how to use inversion of control and dependency injection pattern to create more flexible system without highly dependency.

the code example is in .net but i think it could be implemented using visual foxpro either.


visual foxpro 9 sp2 ctp has been released few weeks ago. i found few of minor bugs and have few suggestions feedback to microsoft using microsoft connect.

i followed the steps shared by caig bailey. i am able to report bugs without any problem.

i suggested to have multiple query page in vfp data explorer's query form. i have specified it is visual foxpro in programming language and version column, i also mentioned i am using vfp data explorer in description column.  however, it seem like microsoft not really understand me. i get replies from ms connect team to ask… Continue reading

today is the last day of long five days holiday. i read quite a lot of articles and watched msdn webcasts, i felt a bit tired and boring. after i watched vfp promo videos made by kevin ragsdale, i decided to have a try to create one using windows movie maker.

join vfpx is my first promo video. it is nothing so excited. but, i hope you enjoy it ... 🙂

please don't hesitate to comment, 🙂

congratulations, doug hennig!

doug hennig [mvp] gets the visual foxpro community lifetime achievement award. it was given an short while ago by ken levy [ms] at the southwest fox conference today.

i am not sure since when these logos and images are available in vfpx project. but they look cool ...



deployment is part of software development life cycle (sdlc). i never feel deployment process is important, till i responsible for it in my company. any re-deployment require qc team re-test the application. even worst, if we deployed the application to customer.

i alway make mistakes. sometime, i forgot to include certain external fxps into installation package; included incorrect version of dbc and etc.

in order to minimize my mistakes, i have deployment checklist which noted step by step actions, small programs to automate certain actions such as :

i have been foxtalk subscriber for at least 6 years. it was an excellent managazine especially during david stevenson "age". even though it is a bit expensive however, it was worthty.

after pinnacle publishing was recently sold to lawrence ragan communications, inc. ( http://www.ragan.com/) and in march 2006 ragan passed the baton to eli journals( http://www.elijournals.com/ ), foxtalk content quality was dropped a lot. due to some management policy, couple of foxtalk authors have leave too.

most dissapointed, foxtalk recycles old contents in september and october 2006 issues: generate web component, mining gold from xsource by doug. also,… Continue reading

i am new here, i have few questions of blogging in weblogs.foxite.com. (sorry i cant get admin email that why i post here)

  1. what is admin email address?
  2. how to post coloured text? i formatted my text using rich text editor but they are not been shown in colour.
  3. does vfp code colour highlighting feature implemented in this blog?
  4. sometime i feel confuse how to go to my blog dashboard. currently i got to visit my blog, and click my setting. why can't we just click on my user name link beside "signed in as"?
  5. anyway to publish my post… Continue reading

i was preparing my company hr software product for microsoft platform test for isv in order to get microsoft certified partner status.

one of the elective requirement must  be complied by our application is requires sql server 2000 sp3 or later. due to this, i wrote an simple program to parse product version (e.g. 8.00.760) and compare with other product version value.

sample :
?dchkver('8.00.760', '8.00.2338')              && return 'a'
?dchkver('8.00.760', '8.00.110')                && return 'b'
?dchkver('8.00.760', '8.00.760')                && return 's'

*)return value : 1. 'a'… Continue reading

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