visual foxpro 9 sp2 ctp has been released few weeks ago. i found few of minor bugs and have few suggestions feedback to microsoft using microsoft connect.

i followed the steps shared by caig bailey. i am able to report bugs without any problem.

i suggested to have multiple query page in vfp data explorer's query form. i have specified it is visual foxpro in programming language and version column, i also mentioned i am using vfp data explorer in description column.  however, it seem like microsoft not really understand me. i get replies from ms connect team to ask for more info. i replied them it is under vfp. fine, this issue moved to "general feedback" category. i thought this time microsoft sure understand that i am talking about vfp. too bad, i get reply from visual basic team for this time. (anyway, i am appreciate becuase they read my post) they are thinking i am using visual studio data explorer. well, i selected ide (visual studio ui) at "where did you encounter the problem" column because i didn't see vfp there. is it cause the misunderstanding? or, my english is too bad?

i haven't get any comments from vfp team reagrding my issues yet. seem like other team response faster in reported issue. i hope vfp team is going to read them soon.

anyway to report issue directly to vfp team?

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