today is the last day of long five days holiday. i read quite a lot of articles and watched msdn webcasts, i felt a bit tired and boring. after i watched vfp promo videos made by kevin ragsdale, i decided to have a try to create one using windows movie maker.

join vfpx is my first promo video. it is nothing so excited. but, i hope you enjoy it ... 🙂

please don't hesitate to comment, 🙂

One Response to My first Promo Video (Join VFPX)

  • Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Kok,

    Sorry for using this space for a pvt message…

    I’m preparing a presentation about VFP-X for the Brazilian Conference for VFP developers, and would like to show your PromoVideo.

    Unfortunately, I could’nt download the video from Google Video… to be able to show it offline. Can you send it to my e-mail?

    Thanks in advance

    Cesar Chalom

    PS: Pls don’t publish this message !

    Best regards

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