i have been foxtalk subscriber for at least 6 years. it was an excellent managazine especially during david stevenson "age". even though it is a bit expensive however, it was worthty.

after pinnacle publishing was recently sold to lawrence ragan communications, inc. ( http://www.ragan.com/) and in march 2006 ragan passed the baton to eli journals( http://www.elijournals.com/ ), foxtalk content quality was dropped a lot. due to some management policy, couple of foxtalk authors have leave too.

most dissapointed, foxtalk recycles old contents in september and october 2006 issues: generate web component, mining gold from xsource by doug. also, the rest of contents not really useful for me. i sent email to customer service to complaint, ask for cancellation and refund (there are 15 issues remained in my account) but never get any reply. what happen to their customer service? what could i do?

it is really sad to see what is happening to foxtalk. 🙁

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