It’s The Will of The Force!

starwars3 as far as i can remember, my father always brings me to the movies whenever george lucas shows his latest exploits in the starwars universe. the whole story, until the much “debated” prequels, still gives me the thrill, specially when you would see the “far far away” pre-text.

ep1 and ep2 were highly criticized and ridiculed because of the “jar-jar” effect, but i think jar-jar’s introduction was deliberate in nature since gl himself want to capture the “boys” of the generation-x , but failed. after the ep2 showing i have been regularly monitoring the development of ep3, and after waiting for two agonizing years, ep3 sealed my faith in the starwars universe, and it would never be taken away from me, the thrills, the excitement, the force! , yeah , the force!

anakin vs dooku – it may be a new scene , but really looks familiar, the scene parallels the luke-darth vader & emperor scene wherein the emperor persuades luke to kill dv so as to have luke to be his dark padawan. also remember in ep2 that dooku have already felt the darkness of anakin’s force, since there could be only a master and apprentice (padawan), dooku accepted the fact the he may be soon replaced.

obiwan vs grevious – hands down, this maybe the best robot/alien vs human fight scene that i have seen, (yes, better than those dreaded aliensvs s.weaver), grevious training from count dooku enabled him to use the lightsaber 4 times!! , the scene is too great to be forgotten.

obiwan vs anakin – it was in starwar’s marketing strategy that this would be the “father” of all lightsaber fights, the lava flows and it’s glowing fires have erupted it’s cinematic aura where your subconcious mind digs the lava while watching anakin & obiwan doing their thing.

emperor vs yoda – you may not believe how yoda possess the power to become so fast like a gremlin ready to devour, but it was explained in the starwars databank. master yoda’s ability of the force took him into greater heights by having the capability to consume the force within his body and use it’s vast power to move like clark kent and fight like a musketeer. ep2’s yoda fight was thought to be too cheezy and cheap ,but having learned the different forms of the force , enlightens me.

yoda’s english teacher – i am actually referring to the way yoda delivers his dialogues, i am yet to consult an english teacher , but whoever taught him how to speak, deserves a forceful of greatness, “this, you must have”

with these hightlights, i am giving starwars : revenge of the sith an astounding 4.5 out of 5 stars, the .5 was deducted on some scenes of anakin’s transformation, it may be too shallow for me to think that love could be too “sidious” to take you to the dark side.

may the force be with you

Fire Prevention Month!!

it’s been pretty hot here in the philippines for the past 2 months. my electricity bill will surely be above the regular budget, since we have been using our cooling machines for quite some time now.

yesterday was philippine’s celebration of labor day, and have to spend some quality time with my kids! but the blistering heat of the sun kept us from doing outdoor activities and stayed home. i’m very sure that my fellow “kababayans” will agree how hot is it here in ph!


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