hi friends,
here is a control for display balloon tips in visual foxpro forms. we already have systray class to display balloon tips in system tray. but we cant use that class for visual foxpro forms. actually there is some api functions to display balloon tips related to a textbox, edit box, combo box. but i failed to impliment that api calls with vfp objects( because vfp objects does not have a hwnd property since it is drawing on form at runtime).

then i tried to develope something like system balloons, which looks like real system balloons and works with vfp controls. for past few days i was hardly working on this project. now i almost completed and tested this control in windows xp.

now i want to share this control with you. i really want to know whether it is usefull or notl. also i need some help from you to solve some issues for windows vista(related to gdi+).

this is a sample snapshot for customized balloon tip

this project is not yet completed. please let me know your suggestions, comments, issues and all.
these are the known issues/changes what i got while testing [unsolved]

  • in windows vista, there is some transparency issues on close button.
  • when display system icons (warn, info, hand...) there is a jagged border around the icon. i have already posted this on thread.
  • balloon tip fill color should be relevant to windows theme.
  • in some cases (when we specified a lengthy message text with customized font, size settings), message/caption not fix in balloon.

do you think i am very poor in testing???sad [:(]

if anyone interested to join with this project, please inform me......

caution: attachment contains gdiplusx.vcx and system.app. that are may not be a newer version. please take care when you overwrite your files..

advanced happy new year wishes for all..... n'joy with ballooooooooonssmile [:)]

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