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hi friends,
here is a control for display balloon tips in visual foxpro forms. we already have systray class to display balloon tips in system tray. but we cant use that class for visual foxpro forms. actually there is some api functions to display balloon tips related to a textbox, edit box, combo box. but i failed to impliment that api calls with vfp objects( because vfp objects does not have a hwnd property since it is drawing on form at runtime).

then i tried to develope something like system balloons, which looks like real system balloons and works with… Continue reading

hi friends,

have you tried this customized intellisense script?


what is  “zproc” intellisence snippet?

the “zproc” is a customized script to alert the vfp editor to brigs up defined/native procedures, while coding. you can activate this custom script by just type “zproc” in your code editor window.



“zproc” script will display the following information

  • procedures/functions defined in the current program
  • procedures/functions defined in the program which is set in procedure stack (using set                 procedure to) command.
  • vfp native functions.
  • declared api functions( in current program and in procedure stack)
  • parameter list for each functions/procedures… Continue reading