when one of my friends asked me to create an organization chart, i was not sure how to implement it. but i said yes because i always think that there is nothing impossible in this world (please don’t ask me to fly). 

then i started creating some raw controls using shapes and lines.
but it was very hard to continue until i got the idea that draw bottom to up rows instead of drawing up to bottom.


in bottom to up method, child nodes will be aligned first and parent nodes will be aligned related to its child… Continue reading

data searching functionality is necessary in every business application. and we need to provide a fast and easy option to end-user to select appropriate record from big tables like product list, invoice list etc.
here is a framework class to create look-up forms for your applications. its very simple one. i created it for my applications and found very useful.
i would like to share it with you. i am sure it will save your time from creating  please check it.

you can create look-up object with lookupdata class from lookup.vcx

olookup = newobject("lookupdata", "lookup")

build a look-up… Continue reading

hi friends,
i have developed a new class menuobject to generate menu for my applications. with this object you can easily manage shortcut/system/top-level menus. refer the following snapshots to see how it will help us to save time from creating various menus for your application. please try it.. complete documentation is available with attachment.

what is menuobject?
menuobject is a customized class to create system/shortcut/top-level menus.


with this class you can easily create menus for your application. it’s very simple to use. followings are some key features of this class.

menu re-usability
scenario: in my applications, i… Continue reading

hi friends,
here is a control for display balloon tips in visual foxpro forms. we already have systray class to display balloon tips in system tray. but we cant use that class for visual foxpro forms. actually there is some api functions to display balloon tips related to a textbox, edit box, combo box. but i failed to impliment that api calls with vfp objects( because vfp objects does not have a hwnd property since it is drawing on form at runtime).

then i tried to develope something like system balloons, which looks like real system balloons and works with… Continue reading

hi friends,

have you tried this customized intellisense script?


what is  “zproc” intellisence snippet?

the “zproc” is a customized script to alert the vfp editor to brigs up defined/native procedures, while coding. you can activate this custom script by just type “zproc” in your code editor window.



“zproc” script will display the following information

  • procedures/functions defined in the current program
  • procedures/functions defined in the program which is set in procedure stack (using set                 procedure to) command.
  • vfp native functions.
  • declared api functions( in current program and in procedure stack)
  • parameter list for each functions/procedures… Continue reading

hi experts,

for past few days i was trying to add my application in control. finally i got a good solution to luanch our application from control panel. i would like to share it with you.

copy the following code in a notepad and make appropriate changes. then save the notepad as a .reg file.

windows registry editor version 5.00

@="folder guard 2.2"
"infotip"="keep your personal/official files protected"



@="folder guard"

please try it...surprise [:o]

attention:this given exaple is only for illustation purpose. you should… Continue reading

hi all,
i have unique(i think it is) way for creating menus and set level for various users.
in menufile.dbf contains sample records.
give 1-6 level to users.
example-accountant -3 && give .t. to 'level6' field for accessable menus to a  6 level user.
you  can add images to image field.
if you want to show a menu only to developer(like debug,pack data) give .t. to programmer field to that menu.

create a public variable _ulevel as string and assign the user level to it when a user login.example _ulevel = "6".

impossible is nothing but imagination

hi friends,
i have various type of clients, then i need to create various reports for each one.all are simple reports. then i create a dynamic data report for this utility end user can select tables,conditions,outputs,and ii want to share that idea to my foxite friends.


  • select table with 'add table' button in ddr toolbar first.

i updated this post with a help file.i will help you more..
impossible is nothing but imagination

hi all,
this is my first blog.
this is a simple program for convert
number to words.
usage : words(nnumber)
number you want to convert

returns: thousand only


proc words
para num
* num="000000010.47"
if num>999999999.99
retu "*--numeric overfloaw--*"
cnum = allt(str(vv,9))
cnum = padl(cnum,9,"0")
cnum = cnum+"."+dec
num =cnum

if a1 = "1"
if !empt(cror)
cror=cror+"crore "… Continue reading