there's something that i've been wondering for some time now.

why wouldn't ms support all of its dev tools - aren't they just a vehicle for developing tools that run on their operating system? isn't that what they are really interested in?

andrew coates mentioned in his blog that sun were giving away all dev tools for free (well open source but that is a different argument) - they obviously want software being developed to run on their platform. surely that makes sense for ms?

what is the cost of employing the vfp team vs. the sales of windows (and very often office and sql server) that are generated by vfp apps being delivered to business? aren't windows & office the cash cows that need to be supported by ms?

i don't get it.

One Response to MS Dev Tools – Why Not Free?

  • Ilya says:

    TANSTAAFL! (Acronim for "There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch".)

    (Read Robert Heinlein’s novels.)

    However, I agree, in part, with you, and that part is being:


    IMHO, tech. support related to bugs, and/or errors/misleadings in the Help MUST BE FREE OF CHARGE! Classic story (happend to my friend some while ago): the developer calls to MS for tech. support; the receptionist tells "You’ve gotta pay for the case"; he does (around $200 or so); two days later, the MS support engineer cals (notice this 2 days delay!); the guy tells the problem; the MS MS engineer tells him: "Read the KB article such’n’such, there’s your answer"; the guy finds this article and reads something to the effect: "MS aknowledges that this is the bug but has no intention to fix it for this release/version of this product. It will be, probably, fixed in the next release."

    Now, what’s the definition of the word "extortion"?

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