thanks to craig bailey, andrew coates and all of the speakers at ozfox lite - it was a great conference.

oz (and kiwi) developers shouldn't underestimate the amount of work
that craig and andrew put in for the vfp community here, not only in
relation to this conference, but the previous 2 ozfox conferences, the svfpug and other generally selfless tasks.

thanks craig for getting off your bum and actually getting the thing to
happen. developers tend to be good at keep their noses over the monitor
and bad at organising anything else. thanks also for negotiating the
labyrinth required to get us back to the travellodge in macquarie uni!

thanks andrew for the ms facilities, the pizza, the chinese and
(perhaps most importantly) the xbox 360. if only someone could have
challenged my times on project gotham...

as usual, i picked up several small tidbits that i will now use
constantly. i can't believe i didn't know that  alt+prnscrn
captures only the current window and that ctrl+c copies the text from
the current window into the clipboard. thanks adam!

i also saw some funky techniques that will help me to while away that
dead time between 2am and 6am. time to get a new bag of coffee!

the conference has gotten me fired up again to make sure that we keep
the community going here in oz. i'm going to make sure that i go to the
melbourne user group next week and  keep the blogging going.


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