with vb2008 we can explote all advantages from our potencial, so, we can extend methods, all methods not hiericals, such as string.


(i think that any thing of extensión today was acquired from vfp, ken levy show this working… Continue reading

hoy en día el bum de open source esta por todos lados donde se está acentuado la discusión entre open source y propietary source.


muchos dicen preferir el código abierto porque no necesita pagar una licencia por equipo, otros… Continue reading

in many cases we need send or convert any code in c# to vb, is important that we learn c# however not all people have the enought time to learn when the chief need this as quickly as possible.

so,… Continue reading

such as sedna enable windows vista dialogs (great featue add-ons), i review this features with vb.net and we take more things that we can control and implement.

you can see this graphics.

(normal progress)

(error progress)

with sedna you only put… Continue reading

in this case we can see two features en sql2008, no more interesting but functionalities.

new datatype , date and intellisense in code editor.


finalmente sedna ha sido liberado por ms para este mes, realmente se han demorado muchisimo, pero en buena hora estamos con este conjunto de adicionales que de una u otra forma nos ayudaran en el paso de sistemas hacia .net.… Continue reading

while microsoft go to the web application with the new silverhtligth 2.0 , adobe go to the desktop application with air.

we are in standby for vb10, is silverthlight into vb10 realy?.

with visual studio 2008 the compile files are optimised for processor multi.core, delete the intermediate work of operative sistem.



franklin garzón

mvp visual foxpro

mcitp sqlserver

these new challenges i want to share with the community to fox that he accompanied for many years and will continue doing so until the last foxero has disappeared.

well, on this occasion i would like to introduce you how… Continue reading

vfp is stronger with database work, so if you need add a ítem in the combobox you can see this:

add a combobox with :



note: the next code in vfp is very nice. (you need enter double… Continue reading