when the machines record a voice and reproduce the human try to talking with the machines, so now with vb this is more easy, so i begin with a serie of posts begin to reproduce a voice until to talk with the machine, entire with vb.net 2008 code.

so, we are starting, the following code you can reproduce a voice and save the results, easy:


dim spsynt as new speech.synthesis.speechsynthesizer

dim voces as readonlycollection(of installedvoice) = spsynt.getinstalledvoices()

for each vo as installedvoice in voces

console.writeline("motor: " + vo.voiceinfo.name + " cultura: " + vo.voiceinfo.culture.textinfo.culturename)



spsynt.volume = 100

spsynt.rate = -5


spsynt.speakasync("jessus is the best boide")



best regards,


franklin garzón

mvp visual foxpro

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