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when we work with ajax over vb2008 we find 2 things, 1: speed and performance, 2: nice view when the page are working, so you can generate the gif and dowload directly from: .




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hi, the last days we need edit a row into gridview only with datasourse, so in many places any body has a entire solution to this, then, i decided post the code to solution this.

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with vb2008 we can explore more potentials issues to our new developments, easy, power and extensibility.

now you can see the new synchronization technique with vb2008 and sql2005.



dim sinc as new cachesyncagent



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the clr integration into office 2007 and vb2008 is great, we can use all options between tecnologies, in this example you can see linq also.

here you can see a pictures:

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