such as sedna enable windows vista dialogs (great featue add-ons), i review this features with and we take more things that we can control and implement.

you can see this graphics.

(normal progress)

(error progress)

with sedna you only put this code lines:


dialog.caption="desde vfp"



best regards

franklin garzon

4 Responses to Windows Vista Dialogs in and Sedna.

  • Craig Boyd says:

    Great to see Franklin. I plan to work with other developers on VFPX to further the development of the VistaDialogs4Com assembly.

  • Alon says:

    this is nice, but do you remember the messagebox i gave you a few months ago? the one that gives you the ability to have msgboxes like in the MSSQL? – look for MicrosoftExceptionMessageBox.dll

  • frankling says:

    Yes, MicrosoftExceptionMessageBox is very nice for excepcions with data, we can use this assembly such as dialog box, but VistaBridge.Library has a special functions for dialogs, such as marquecine, progressbar,ticks,dialogs for save, get, filter and more dialogs over Windows Vista.

  • frankling says:

    Cool Craig, with the interoperability between .net and COM, VFP has many many years to improvement the sistems over VFP.

    Congratulations about your plans.

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