Monthly Archives: December 2007

these new challenges i want to share with the community to fox that he accompanied for many years and will continue doing so until the last foxero has disappeared.

well, on this occasion i would like to introduce you how… Continue reading

vfp is stronger with database work, so if you need add a ítem in the combobox you can see this:

add a combobox with :



note: the next code in vfp is very nice. (you need enter double… Continue reading

more tecnology, more investment, more features and more investigate.

with ms put a wpf on live. today we can download vs2008 and use a powerfull tool for wpf, a wpf is a xaml (extended application model language).

with xaml… Continue reading

auch… pum…crash, auch auch auch. %#$&&$$!


en varias ocasiones mucho jóvenes me preguntan y me dicen que les encanta la informática es a ellos a quien dedico mi mensaje en esta oportunidad para que tengan una mejor idea de… Continue reading