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i love the new tecnology and use the new features for more excite solutions, in this case is ie7 and they tabs.

this is an example:

on vfp



on vb (one of three forms)

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many people have written to my mail question what nearly future after vfp.

my nearly future will be to obtain the certification mcsd (microsoft certified solution developer), for this certificate it is needed to approve the exams:

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now the sp2 is released and you can download, install, use and deploymnet the dbi controls (is free) , you can see the images here:

(the events over vfp are near)






franklin garzón

mvp visual foxpro

if you need execute ajax in your old pages, you need add a few lines on web.config and you add such as reference to ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll, the lines are:



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windows vista has an internal administrator, so the vs2005 need start in this schema.

press key ctrl+rigth click over vs2005 shortcut and select "excecute as administrator", if you don't execute vs such as administrator vs don't work on debug mode.… Continue reading