in the letter of this month milind wrote that the documenting of the sp2 of vfp9 is here:

sp2 such as sedna will only online, no more dvds no more cds, no more, no everything.

vfp live only our health and in few companies that have vfp.

y recommended that beyond sedna we can see vb2005 with sqlexpress or sql2005.


*message to the vfp's team*


i am grateful to the team of vfp for having given me the opportunity to know this grand tool and thanks to it to be a part of this community.

i congratulate specially kenlevy and milind for having allowed that vfp should manage to do incredibly good things, though they continued owing thousands of things to us more like for example:
vfp for the web, vfp for poketpc, among other things as example a more robust intellisense, a debug more orientated to objects and what always fought a few dbfs security and report to migrate or integrated with ssrs.

sincerely i hope that all these vfp's big features could be inside vb.

because the new visualstudio has smell of fox, fox lives forever in the vs2008 and vs2010 and more ........


best regards.

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