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good day, several vfp's mvps we are in favour of insitir in order that ms continues with vfp, because vfp is not only a community but also companies.

if you are interested in supporting this initiative please open ,… Continue reading

visual foxpro 9

you can install sp1 of vfp under vista on mode compatible for xp sp2 (rigth click over file - select propierties - seleect comtaible - select xp sp2)

sqlserver 2005 sp2.

you can instll sp2 of sqlserver2005… Continue reading

the first testing was xml webservices, my services has been consumer from java, the next testing is with components com,com+,reporting of vfp9 and sql2005.


my first view java enterprise, preparing to migrate from vfp.

you can see the image

best regards.


franklin garzón

mvp visual foxpro

mcst sqlserver2005

see here


mire el evento de ozfox aquí, uno de los mejores, mire sobre sedna , sobre migrar de foxdos hacia vfp9, entre otros.