agradezco a los coordinadores de foxite por permitirme compartir mis conocimientos con la comunidad fox.

hoy he decidido empezar un nuevo blog en: , donde compartiré mis conocimientos sobre la tecnología .net.

los espero en mi nueva dirección.


franklin garzón

know the future of vb is interesting, also the members behind, here you can see the interview to the vb team


frankln garzon

mvp visual foxpro


in some cases the user can't see the complete text when the description of the text is more longer than the width of the dropdownlist however we can implement an easy solution into vb2008 (this found into the old versions):… Continue reading

when the machines record a voice and reproduce the human try to talking with the machines, so now with vb this is more easy, so i begin with a serie of posts begin to reproduce a voice until to talk… Continue reading

with vb2008 the bits are optimised to user multy-core processors however ms are thinking what we can manage our personal code to build special algorithms, also, we will development intuitively or with special functions to get full full the production… Continue reading

you can see many tests from ms about vb2005 and vb2008, great comparations.


best regrads,


franklin garzón


mvp visual foxpro.

mcitp sqlserver

when we work with ajax over vb2008 we find 2 things, 1: speed and performance, 2: nice view when the page are working, so you can generate the gif and dowload directly from: .




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 … Continue reading

hi, the last days we need edit a row into gridview only with datasourse, so in many places any body has a entire solution to this, then, i decided post the code to solution this.

( note: in vfp this… Continue reading

with vb2008 we can explore more potentials issues to our new developments, easy, power and extensibility.

now you can see the new synchronization technique with vb2008 and sql2005.



dim sinc as new cachesyncagent



 its use… Continue reading

the clr integration into office 2007 and vb2008 is great, we can use all options between tecnologies, in this example you can see linq also.

here you can see a pictures:

best regards community.


franklin garzón

mvp visual foxpro

mcitp sqlserver