Monthly Archives: June 2005

since abril 11 i've adding my bookmarks into community, at this time i have a little bit more than 420 links, those at differents themes, the most importants are about vfp and .net issues.

 the past week i found (via main page) an application which give us an improve interface, it used ajax technology. the application is called director, i will describe in one word: amazing: director, ajax at action!

the new interface is just great!, is a kind of dhtml with steroids!, i have to mention that the differents sections are reloaded without reload the whole page, just… Continue reading

microsoft has complete the process to bought an antivirus company (which i never heard about it), and has published oficially at some of their websites:

--- microsoft completes acquisition of enterprise security provider sybari software ---

the sybari's products are focus to the security in messaging services, it will apply inmediatly to exchange 2003, this will help to avoid the problems with viruses, worms and spam.

via channel 9