Monthly Archives: December 2008

visual foxpro 9’s (vfp9) report preview has gone a long way since it was first introduced. now vfp (starting with vfp8) has an object assisted report engine paving way to enhancements and providing greater control to report generation.

but what remained was the rather “outdated” albeit functional preview window toolbar and pop-up menu .looking closely at the toolbar and pop-up menu one finds out that the icons are old (probably dating back to vfp3).

anyway in attempt to upgrade the report preview looks (the default functionally of the preview window is enough for me, for the moment at least) so… Continue reading

recently an ex-colleague of mine wanted to send a vfp9 form over the internet through web. his initial method was to compress (zip) the vfp9 form files (scx and sct) the then launch a download process on the client side to download the zip file. but he thought why go through all the “trouble” of zipping and downloading when it would be "cooler" to send the vfp9 form files via xml. by converting the files (scx and sct) to strings and storing these in memo fields of a cursor and in turn convert the cursor to xml he then can… Continue reading