as some of you may have known my then 2 year and 9 month old daughter battled the worst form of allergic reaction to an antibiotic. she had what was known as the stevens-johnson syndrome or sjs. she was admitted to the hospital on the 6th of august 2005. fortunately she responded very well to the medications that she was out of the hospital two weeks later.


i will not describe all of what my daughter had to endure but you can view photographs from this link: please be advised that the photographs in this page are graphic!


since she could not eat (her mouth had lesions as well), an iv line was needed. but every time medicines were needed to be given orally she'd cry because it meant pain in her mouth. so she'd move around and cry and bang her hands and feet. this resulted to her iv line getting dislodged almost every two days. she endured a total of 12 iv insertions and twice for blood extraction needed for a blood culture to determine if she had other allergies.


i arrived from singapore in bacolod last august 9, 2005 but have to shower and put on new clothes first before proceeding to the hospital. shortly after i arrived, her iv line got dislodged and needed to be reinserted as she needs iv fluids because she is not eating or drinking anything. she was treated as if she had first degree burns. while the iv line was being reinserted, we held her down with small pillows as we couldn't use our hands because of the lesions and blisters on her skin. during this time, she cried so much and said in a harsh and pleading voice, "mama, mama, puli na ta, kapoy na gid ko." which translates to "mommy, mommy, let's go home, i'm very tired." i was telling myself if only i could trade places with her. but it was a battle that she must fight and win on her own. all we could do was to pray for her, try to make her as comfortable as possible and give her whatever medicines she needs.


i know the doctors attributed her quick recovery to the early detection and diagnosis that what she had was sjs as well as the medicines that was given to her. but i truly believe that it was largely because of the prayers and concern from all the people i know personally and from those whom i’ve known only here at .


thus i would like to thank them. to everybody here at but most especially to eric den doop and simon arnold (for the concern), boudewijn lutgerink (for the distant reiki treatments), sivaramakrishnan, lucy and dale (for the prayers).


to all my batchmates/e-group mates at but most especially to boy and chita (for visiting), joy (for calling), to pangga, maricor, john, bernard and noel (for the emails and prayers) and to elrie (for facilitating my return ticket). to my relatives for their prayers and concern.


to melissa for calling, praying and offering to take care of us if there was a need to bring my daughter to the u.s. for treatment.


to my parents, mama and papa, my brother tg and my sister janet (for assisting and staying with us in the hospital).


to my in-laws, dad, mom, jo ann, gani, jun-jun, jam-jam, cristy, ritchel for all the support, care and prayers.


to tita cita, for the bubble toy which gave my daughter so much joy that she forgot about the pain in her mouth that she started eating for the first time since she was confined in the hospital.


my thanks goes out most specially to my brother-in-law, pep, for the financial support.


to my flat mates here in singapore, manong boy, chris, carlo, elaine, grace and rina for their prayers.


to dr. arroyo, dr. gallaga, dr. almais-tan and dr. montilla for doing their best. to the nurses at station 5, marietta, salve, rose and glenn as well as the other staff for helping us with all our needs during my daughter’s confinement.


to our friends, tin-tin and rodney, vina and maritess d. and maritess c., for prayers and for visiting. i may not be able to mention everyone who in one way or another had helped us hurdle this obstacle and for making us feel that we are not alone in this. all i can say is that you know who you are and to you all, my heartfelt thanks. it really warms my heart to know that so many people were concerned of my daughter’s well being, some of whom i even haven't met.


to the lord almighty, for all the blessings and the healing.


the other person who endured as much as my daughter was my wife. you see, our daughter will only sleep on my wife's chest during her ordeal at the hospital. it was as if it's the only place where my daughter could seek comfort. i could only marvel at my wife's patience in taking care of our daughter. i know that during these times she was very very tired was suffering from headaches due to lack of sleep. to my wife tess, i love you very much and i know i can't be there always but rest assured of my constant prayers.

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  • Anonymous says:

    this is truly great Eric, good to hear that your daughter is doing well. I hope you have some time together now with your wife and kid. They sure must have missed you while you were in Singapore.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi BL, thanks man, well i did spend some quality time with them when i was there. but i’m back here in singapore so i miss them again. but do communicate thru the net, video on yahoo messenger and VoIP on Skype. i’ll be there again this december for around 10 days only and in march next year they’ll be here to visit me. thanks again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi erik! This is so great to hear. My tears fall on my cheeks while reading this good news. I hope your little angel will continually heal and stay healthy as well.

    God listens! 🙂

    Take care too.

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