my daughter therese erika (2 years 10 months old) is in the hospital right now and is suffering from steven johnson's syndrone (sjs) an acute allergic reaction to an antibiotic that was prescribed for her urinary tract infection. looking at websites about sjs i know that she is suffering so much and is in great pain. this disease is very serious that could lead to many complications. i won't mention these here as even by just thinking about the complications brings me so much pain. i truly wish i could trade places with my daughter right now. i'm planning to be there by the end of the week if not sooner. i would be very grateful if you could offer a prayer for my daughter. thank you very much and may god bless you.

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  • I’m sorry to hear that Erik. Hope the girl gets better soon. All the best to you and your better half and of course your girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Eric, this is terrible. For what it is worth, I will give her distant reikitreatments.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Erik,

    I very Sorry to hear about daughter problem. I will pray to the almighty to shower all the blessing to Ur daughter and to come out from the present state.

    May the almighty bless all of U



  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this, my thoughts go to you and your family at this time.

    I don’t know if you have already found this web site, but it might help to get in contact with them.


  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear this Erik My prayers will be with you and your family especially your little angel. Take care!

  • Anonymous says:

    1/27/06 My 4 year old daughter Sophia Woke up complaining about Neck ,Knees & feet in pain. She also had a very high fever. The night before she had a fever and my wife gave her Children’s Motrin.

    When we put her in the bath to reduce the fever we noticed pimple like rash on her legs. We then took her to the ER . They diagnosed it as Chicken POX. The rash continued to spread.

    The next day the rash changed its look & spread to her entire body. We took her to her pediatrician ,they diagnosed measles. She didn’t eat or drink for 2 days.

    We took her back to the ER where she was admitted. That was 1/29/06 at 2:00pm.

    Now they ruled out all other causes & diagnose it as SJS. This was probably caused by the Children’s Motrin; She has not been on any other Meds.

    Sophia is still in the Hospital with a rash over 80% of her body.

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