Monthly Archives: August 2005

my daughter therese erika (2 years 10 months old) is in the hospital right now and is suffering from steven johnson's syndrone (sjs) an acute allergic reaction to an antibiotic that was prescribed for her urinary tract infection. looking at websites about sjs i know that she is suffering so much and is in great pain. this disease is very serious that could lead to many complications. i won't mention these here as even by just thinking about the complications brings me so much pain. i truly wish i could trade places with my daughter right now. i'm planning to be… Continue reading

around 3 months ago, i was tasked to look for manpower out-sourcing companies in the < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />philippines. in the course of my search i found two websites listing an it services company whose contact person's name sounds familiar. after sometime i realized that the contact person of the said it services company was an old college friend, whom i last saw in april of 1989. imagine, after 16 years, i was able to get in-touch with her. luckily one of the sites listed her maiden name and the other the contact information, if not then i could have not known that it… Continue reading

i was reading craig boyd's visual foxpro community action and decided to heed to his call. i'm now preparing some materials on microsoft visual foxpro that i would like to discuss with computer students in my high school alma mater, don bosco technical institute in victorias city, philippines. i will be having my annual vacation late december 2005 (before the christmas) until mid-january 2006. this will give me some time to visit my high school alma mater. you see don bosco technical institute has a rather unique high school curriculum where-in students in the 3rd and 4th year… Continue reading

i've been messing around with python and the dabo framework for sometime now to realize that python is a great open source programming language and dabo is surely a very strong and well written data-driven framework. since the authors have strong backgroud and extensive experience in visual foxpro, the dabo framework have a touch of visual foxpro in it that will make it attractive to visual foxpro developers. but don't get me wrong, i'm still climbing the python/dabo learning curve and will not abandon visual foxpro. but with python/dabo your app will run in… Continue reading