Monthly Archives: March 2005

i received a feedback from eric about my neat trick post. it concerns about the cast() function that was introduced in vfp9. so here it is :

select *, cast("" as memo) as yourmemofield from ...

thanks is in order for eric

i was reading the blogs and eric was asking what are we listening to when fixing bugs or writing codes for the next vfp killer app. well i listen to enya ( and i especially like her song orinoco flow (written by roma ryan) ( in this song the island of cebu in the visayas in the my beloved philippines was mentioned. i also like the bass sounds of storms in africa from the watermark album. sometimes when i'm feeling a little bit down and sad, i like to listen to new wave music from the 80's to cheer me up.… Continue reading

i know that most of you know this, but here it is anyway, sometimes i need a readwrite cursor that has the exact structure of a certain table. so what i do is issue a

select * from mytable where .f. into cursor mycursor readwrite

if i want some more fields on top of the fields from my base table then i issue an sql statement that goes something like this :

select *,space(10) as cnewfld from mytable where .f. into cursor mycursor readwrite

the above "trick" as you may call it works only with vfp7 and above because of  the readwrite clause

it's been a hectic 2+ months for me since i arrived here in singapore after my christmas vacation in the phils. had a blast of a time with dale and the rest of the foxpro users group in bacolod, negros occidental. we had a few bottles of beer (man i missed those ice cold san mig light) and talked about a lot of things. got my first look at dale's powerful, beautiful and almost sexy acer ferrari laptop.

i haven't settled down yet, i'm home sick... miss my family (my wife tess and daughter therese erika) ... well i guess… Continue reading

this is my first post here in foxite's weblog and i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank eric den doop for setting is up. thanks a lot man. i appreciate very much all that you have been doing for the vfp community.

i post some more next time and till then ... stay safe everybody ...