visual foxpro 9’s (vfp9) report preview has gone a long way since it was first introduced. now vfp (starting with vfp8) has an object assisted report engine paving way to enhancements and providing greater control to report generation.

but what remained was the rather “outdated” albeit functional preview window toolbar and pop-up menu .looking closely at the toolbar and pop-up menu one finds out that the icons are old (probably dating back to vfp3).

anyway in attempt to upgrade the report preview looks (the default functionally of the preview window is enough for me, for the moment at least) so… Continue reading

recently an ex-colleague of mine wanted to send a vfp9 form over the internet through web. his initial method was to compress (zip) the vfp9 form files (scx and sct) the then launch a download process on the client side to download the zip file. but he thought why go through all the “trouble” of zipping and downloading when it would be "cooler" to send the vfp9 form files via xml. by converting the files (scx and sct) to strings and storing these in memo fields of a cursor and in turn convert the cursor to xml he then can… Continue reading

after i first heard about o2 atom life supporting windows mobile 6.0, i really wanted to upgrade my o2 atom life’s operating system to windows mobile 6.0 but never found the time. to cut to the chase, i did have some slack time last wednesday and proceeded with upgrade process.

in order to back-up the contacts on my o2 atom life, i used activesync 4.5 to sync my contacts to a new and empty ms outlook 2003 profile. before all of you raised your collective eyebrows on my move, let me say the following: i don’t sync the… Continue reading

i have been toying with the idea of mimicking ms outlook's way of handling email addresses being keyed-in in the to, cc and bcc entry fields. here is my take on that:

public oform1

oform1=newobject("form1") return ************************************************** *-- form: form1 (c:\temp\form1.scx) *-- parentclass: form *-- baseclass: form *-- time stamp: 06/06/08 09:55:13 am * define class form1 as form top = 0 left = 0 height = 128 width = 482 docreate = .t.
caption = "form1" name = "form1" add object text1 as textbox with ;
fontname = "verdana", ;
fontsize =… Continue reading

just want to share this. this has been with me for some time now and have used this in several applications in the past. hope that someone will find this useful.

*-- form:         mapnet (d:\vfp_projects\mapnet.scx)
*-- parentclass:  form
*-- baseclass:    form
*-- time stamp:   11/20/06 11:28:12 am
define class mapnet as form

	height = 108
	width = 469
	docreate = .t.
autocenter = .t.
caption = "map network drive" controlbox = .f.
closable = .f.
name = "mapnet" add object command2 as commandbutton with ;
top = 48, ;
left = 324, ;
height = 23… Continue reading

it's a pity that my post after a long time is a sad one.  my mother had a stroke this morning and she is being brought to the hospital as i'm typing this post. i  don't have all the details yet but have spoken to my father and he told me that her blood pressure is 150/100. i feel very sad and helpless as i can't be there for my mother. please spare some time to pray for my mother. thanks.

read articles (about soccer in the philippines) written by a very good friend of mine (jack biantan from london) at

to jack :

more power to you jack and i'm glad you have taken up writing (sports articles) again, i know how you loved to write sports related articles.

and big thanks for the england world cup jersey you have sent smile [:)]

it's been a while since i've last posted something in my weblog related to vfp. i have been using this code for a long time in one of my apps and have actually posted it in the forum sometime last year or maybe 2 years ago and just recently. anyways, for those who might need it here it is. some amount of work may still be required to polish this.

public oform
oform = createobject('mysplitter')
define class mysplitter as form
	top = 0
	left = 0
	height = 371
	width = 373
	docreate =… Continue reading 

my daughter therese erika turned three last october 15 and she had the "pabitin" (those hanging toys and candies in one of the pictures here) all for herself. the "pabitin" was a gift from her tita jo ann (my wife's younger sister). i can see that she enjoyed her birthday party very much. it's one of those times in my daughter's life that i missed. i may also miss having christmas and new year with my family this time as i'm needed at the office for some prior tasks assigned to me.

as some of you may have known my then 2 year and 9 month old daughter battled the worst form of allergic reaction to an antibiotic. she had what was known as the stevens-johnson syndrome or sjs. she was admitted to the hospital on < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />the 6th of august 2005. fortunately she responded very well to the medications that she was out of the hospital two weeks later. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


i will not describe all of what my daughter had to endure but you can view photographs from this link: please be advised that the photographs in this page… Continue reading