ok so cesar wants to know more about me... [and so does andrew (update january 14)]. well here are 5 things only a few people know:

  • when i was seventeen, i created a fake crime scene on our high school playground, in the middle of the night. there were police signs and a chalk drawing of a dead body. it was great to see the wtf-look on the principal's face the next day when he arrived at school. the joke got even better when the police arrived to investigate my murder scene.
  • the island of bali (indonesia) is my favorite vacation destination. go there if you love good food, friendly people and beautiful nature.
  • i haven't started a new visual foxpro desktop application project in almost three years.
  • i watch the episodes of csi and 24 in bed on my ipaq pocket pc.
  • my favorite actors are morgan freeman, denzel washington and al pacino.

so now i guess it's my turn to tag others right?
boudewijn lutgerink
ken murphy (he signed up for a weblog here only recently so this would make a great first post for him!)
kok kiet
andy kramek
simon arnold (he has been away from his blog way too long ;))




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