Monthly Archives: October 2005

this weekend i spent some time upgrading the web site to 2.0. unfortunatly, this upgrade was not a matter of just recompiling the project files. i had to fix a number of issues with new namespaces and i had to work around a couple of new compiler warnings.

in addition to the upgrade to 2.0, the web site is now using the oledb provider that comes with the vfp9 sp1 beta.

from ken levy's weblog:
visual foxpro is now available in the product/technology drop down selection list on the msdn product feedback center. the vfp team will be monitoring bug reports and feature suggestions for visual foxpro 9.0, all vfp service pack efforts, and the sedna project. by submitting suggestions and reporting bugs on visual foxpro, you're providing feedback directly to the vfp team. you can collaborate with the vfp team, vfp mvps, and vfp beta testers to identify problems and workarounds and then track your feedback online. you also get notifications of changes and fixes based on your submissions. msdn… Continue reading

i was asked to post the following information here:
the foxpro event in the netherlands to which all foxpro developers were looking out all year, the sdn foxpro developer event on november 9, 2005.

and for good reasons, ken levy and lisa slater nicholls are speaking at this event.


there is a lot going on about foxpro. you probably have heard about sedna, the code name for the next foxpro version/extension where the foxpro development team in redmond is working on. sedna is very important for fox developers, especially if you are also interested in .net. ken levy… Continue reading