i’d like to give you an update on the future of
foxite.com. as announced late 2004, i’ve been working on a new design and new
features, mostly suggested by our forum members. at that time, the new site was
build around foxisapi.dll (just like the current web site). in february 2005, i
decided to rewrite the entire thing in asp.net because i think asp.net is a much
better tool for building web applications. of course, just as the current site,
the new web app is still using a vfp database with vfp stored procedures and vfp
sql / oledb. in addition to the vfp database, i am using the sql server indexing
services for high speed free text search features and an ms access mdb is used
to power a small part of the web site.

new feature include:

  • message rating (to tell the poster
    you appreciate his or her solution)
  • personal favorites
  • advanced thread filters (including date
    range, author, ‘my threads’ and ‘my favorites’)
  • high speed free text search engine
  • preview window
  • printer friendly message reader page
  • forum rss feed
  • ‘thread alert service’ (receive an alert
    by e-mail when somebody responds to your question)
  • date / time information is automatically
    converted to your local time zone
  • you can build your own personal member page to
    publish your resume, hobbies/interests, contact information (skype, msn,
    yahoo etc)
  • integration of foxite community weblog (http://weblogs.foxite.com)
  • the site will be running on a brand new

when? probably august 2005. if i am
unable to launch in august, you’ll have to wait until october 2005.

here's a couple of screen shots:


full size image here:


personal member page


full size image here:


6 Responses to Future of Foxite.COM

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Eric,

    sure looks great. i can’t wait for the launch of the new and my i say "good looking" foxite.com

    more power and wishing you all the best.

    thanks for everything.

  • UG UG. Eric – please – don’t swallow the Kool aide ™.

    Have you at least tried to implement it on Active FoxPro Pages? There are a few ug’s that have – check out the German UG and have a long talk with Rainer Becker before you make ‘that second swallow’ ..

    warmest regards [Bill]

  • Joel Pansoy says:

    Geee….Foxite.Com power with 50% Visual Foxpro 25% SQL Server 25% MS Access. No offense Sir but isn’t it the FOX identity is compromise. Oh well add ASP.NET too (I wonder what West-Wind might say – cheers to West-Wind when .NET excluded VFP they bridge the gap to make things happen) compared to new Web Dev platforms intentionally made for VFP (AFP 3.0 Rules!). I don’t want to offend anybody but I’m pointing on the different angle on this move and I praised the motives also – to give better service. I love Foxite.Com and I love the people in this community as well as I love Visual Foxpro.

    The fact is we liked Foxite.Com because we like Foxpro.

    Image + Principles = CREDIBILITY

  • Re Joel: you couldn’t be more wrong with your numbers. Where did you get these? And why would the FOX identity be compromised? Personally, I think that combining ASP.NET with VFP data as well as VFP code is a huge step forwards.

    Good developers like you and me always choose the best tools for the job that needs to be done. Sure I could have used AFPWEB or West-Wind for this job, but after developing web apps with foxisapi and west-wind for over 6 years, I think I can say which tool is best for me a project like this.

    I am glad you are such an enthousiastic AFP developer and I really hope you’ll support the VFP/AFP community the same way I continue to support the VFP community with the new website, with new knowledge and a ‘new’ statement: .NET is not the end of VFP.

  • Anonymous says:


    This is great! E-Mail notification is what I was waiting for!


  • Anonymous says:


    These new scrren shots look like we are gonna have a much more user friendly interface on the new site. I can’t wait. Also email notification is a great idea!

    Also thanks for the site in the first place, it’s great.

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