Monthly Archives: July 2005

i’d like to give you an update on the future of as announced late 2004, i’ve been working on a new design and new
features, mostly suggested by our forum members. at that time, the new site was
build around foxisapi.dll (just like the current web site). in february 2005, i
decided to rewrite the entire thing in because i think is a much
better tool for building web applications. of course, just as the current site,
the new web app is still using a vfp database with vfp stored procedures and vfp
sql / oledb. in… Continue reading

scoble had a short interview with microsoft chief steve ballmer:


why does microsoft care about developers?
01:11 why does microsoft have an evangelism team?
01:48 what is your call to action for developers right now?
02:44 microsoft is a leader in transparency and blogging. why did you allow blogging?
03:38 time for some tough questions. on the blogs there are those that say that microsoft doesn't innovate, can you give us some examples of where microsoft is innovating?
05:42 coming up with tough questions for you is hard. if you were in my position what tough questions would you… Continue reading

since the current server load is a little too much for two servers i currently use to host my websites, i ordered a new dell poweredge server. well, the black beauty has just arrived :). i think i am going to move the community weblog and the forum to the new server by the end of this week, or maybe next weekend so you may then notice some connection problems.