Monthly Archives: June 2005

keny levy shows some interesting demos of sedna and .net interop in an interview by robert scoble. you can download the video here:



i got a copy of van morrison's latest album magic time ( really a great album if you ask me. it's full of blues and jazz and other typical van-the-man kind of music.

this week, i finally had time to check andrew macneill's fox show podcast site at it's been online since march so i guess i am a little late but i've been very busy with other things. in his podcasts, andrew tells about the latest foxpro news, websites, blog postings and other topics. these podcasts are actually mp3 files you can download to your… Continue reading

voters in the netherlands reject the proposed european union constitution by 63 percent to 37 percent, according to an exit poll broadcast by dutch nos television. the turnout was 62 percent, the state-financed broadcaster said. on sunday, french voters also rejected the new treaty for the 25-nation bloc.

full story:
this is the first referendum in 200 years in the netherlands. a great victory for democracy and an even greater victory for our country.