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remember my previous post about the vfp oledb provider: fooled by unclear oledb error message? here's another difference between the oledb provider and vfp's internal sql engine.

dim connstr as string = "provider=vfpoledb.1;data source='tastrade.dbc';password='';user id=''"
dim conn as new
conn.connectionstring = connstr
dim cmd as new
cmd.commandtype = commandtype.text
' take note of the reference to a non-existing table in the sql command
cmd.commandtext = "update customer set company_name = ?, contact_name = ?, contact_title = ? where blablabla.customer_id = [alfki]"
cmd.connection = conn
dim p1 as new
p1.value = "vfp"
dim p2 as new… Continue reading

from ken levy's blog:

formal microsoft visual foxpro roadmap as well as my june letter with additional news is scheduled to go online on june 1st at http:/// the visual foxpro roadmap will not mention anything around a service pack for visual foxpro 9.0, but it is likely something on that front will be in my june letter targeting a near end of 2005 release. visual foxpro 9.0 is by far the most stable version of visual foxpro we have ever released with very few issues reported. a service pack 1 for visual foxpro 9.0 would probably release… Continue reading

for the past few weeks, i've been working on an web application. i design, write and test my sql statements in vfp9. once the sql statement is ok and the performance is good, i copy the code to and then i tweak it there if needed.

today i was fooled by an unclear error message: sql: column 'q0p2' is not found. vfp's help says: "the field or variable you specified cannot be found."

huh? the query runs fine in vfp. and my table does not have a column named q0p2. and i did not specify this column name… Continue reading

world wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on earth. leveraging landsat satellite imagery and shuttle radar topography mission data, world wind lets you experience earth terrain in visually rich 3d, just as if you were really there. virtually visit any place in the world. look across the andes, into the grand canyon, over the alps, or along the african sahara.

this tool is definitely worth checking out. you do need a broadband connection and quite some cpu power. ww constantly uses over 50% cpu on my laptop and it takes about a minute or so to download high… Continue reading

microsoft czech republic and daquas will organize a conference for developers who create applications using microsoft visual foxpro. "visual foxpro devcon, praha 2005" will take place in prague, czech republic on 21st - 23rd june 2005.

you will find more information on the conference web site:

visual foxpro devcon, praha 2005 will comprise of more than 30 sessions out of which approximately 10 are presented in english by worldwide respected foxpro experts. this year is the 8th year of the event and in 2004 over 400 attendees were present, making it the event with the largest audience out of… Continue reading

exactly 4 years ago, we opened our website to the public. we are committed to continuing to support the great visual foxpro online community for at least 4 more years and expect to launch a new version of the support forum later this year. we also plan to integrate the community weblog in the new forum. don't have your personal weblog yet? get one for free by filling in the sign-up form on the homepage of

this month's letter contains a summary of some recent visual foxpro news as the visual foxpro team is busy working on future plans for visual foxpro to be announced next month.

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