Monthly Archives: April 2005

i definitely like this new delta lloyd commercial. while there are some spoken dutch words, i think you'd still like to see it.

the first blog comment spam robots have found their way to the community weblog. i'll add some protection to the blog system over the next couple of days. if you're using the brickskin skin, then you are already protected against these bots.

i discovered a new feature in msn7 called "what i'm listening to". i guess you probably already know about it, but i didn't so i thought i just post here about it.

“what i'm listening to” displays the song name and artist name of the mp3/wma you are currently playing in windows media player. it seems to work with other players such as winamp as well, but you need to install a seperate plugin to get it to work.

to activate this feature, open the main msn messenger window where all your contacts are displayed and click tools | options and… Continue reading

i like to analyze the logfiles of my websites. with the proper tools, you can generate invaluable information about the site's performance, errors, visits, etc as well as how well web pages are indexed by the major search engines such as google, yahoo and msn. search engine optimization is a sport and if you know the rules and how to play the game, you can win :).

anyway, it's amazing to see how many people are looking for a way to get rid of the windows start button.

i get hits on these keywords many times a week. since the… Continue reading

a few weeks ago, i was experimenting with nntp feeds from my isp to my exchange 2003 server. i did not pay much attention to the exchange dialog windows and i guess i clicked ok too many times. as a result, my exchange server was loaded with over 65,000 newsgroups from my isp. each newsgroup got it's own public folder to store postings.

ok, no big deal i thought. just remove the newsfeed and delete the public folders. wrong. there's no way you can select a bunch of public folders and delete them with a single command. you can only remove… Continue reading

there's some pretty cool news in his letter. go and have a look!

from the public vfp newsgroups:

i have just posted an updated version of my cabuilder9 builder for vfp9.
includes all source code, documentation in the form of comments in the
cabuilder9 prg file and limitless extensibility through the use of a table
(data-driven builder). it is free to use to create your own classlibs of
cursoradapter classes. download by clicking the foxpro tools at

mark mccasland
microsoft mvp, visual foxpro