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windows server 2003 service pack 1 (sp1) delivers on the promise of microsoft's trustworthy computing initiative and illustrates microsoft’s commitment to creating software products with enhanced security, increased reliability, and simplified administration. sp1 builds upon the impressive track record of the award winning windows server 2003 operating system by providing refinements and supplying cumulative system patches.

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the other day i posted about a cool site called these guys claim to have a secret complex ranking formula. well, here i am to bust their formula. why? check this out.

my rank at is 10,200. if you search for my name in google, then you get 10,200 hits.

rick's rank at is 2,770. google returns 2,710 hits.

andrew's rank at is 833. google returns 847 hits.

thom de graaf, our former minister for government reform and kingdom relations, is a very important guy according to pr 47,300. again... google returns 47,300 hits.… Continue reading

brussels, belgium - microsoft corp. said monday it has agreed with european union antitrust regulators on a new name for windows software sold in europe.

officials at the u.s. software giant said they had accepted the european union's offer to call the european version of windows sold without media player "windows xp home edition n" _ with "n" standing for "not with media player." ( is a microsoft-nbc joint venture.)

microsoft's "xp professional edition" will also include the "n" for versions sold without the media player, which allows users to see video or hear audio downloads.

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i am the kind of geek who looks up his own name (and other people's names ;)) in google. today, i found a cool site called this web site queries a couple of searches names to get the number of times a name is mentioned online. it then calculates a ranking and explains how the ranking relates to the other people in the world.

here's my pr:

there are 9895 names in our database that have a higher preople ranking and 74857 names that have a lower preople ranking. your ranking is based on how much people talk about… Continue reading

i've added a couple of new skins so you can change the appearance of your personal weblog. logon, go to options and then click configure. there are now three more skins in the skins dropdownlist. i'll be adding more skins in the near future.

don't have a blog yet? visual foxpro community members can request a free personal community weblog by filling in the sign-up form on the home page (

while writing codes, i either listen to the radio, or i listen to my favorite songs on my mp3 player. i always tune in to the dutch radio station called “radio 2” (i am a great fan of frits spits…).< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

today, i loaded katie melua's album call off the search ( to my mp3 player. boy, not only is she a gorgeous looking girl… she can sing even better! katie ( from the < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />uk, but was born in georgia on the former ussr. if you like blues and jazz, you should really check out her music.… Continue reading

the news about foxite's community weblog is spreading at the speed of light!

in my blog post monday requesting foxpro developers to blog about the vfp 9.0 news, i was sending a subtle request to the foxpro community to be more active online with the news. one of the results was that within 48 hours was a brand new free blog hosting service for foxpro developers called community weblog. since this new free blog service was created, there have been new foxpro community members including vfp mvps creating their own blog for the first time and joining… Continue reading

back in the 80's when i was a kid, i used to watch wwf wrestlemania. my heroes were ricky “the dragon” steamboat and of course, hulk hogan. the other day i was in a bar with a couple of friends. the tv was playing the modern wwe wrestling matches. well, nothing has changed. wrestlers still are great actors. 

anyway... i justed loaded up grabit on my laptop, searched for “wrestlemania” and i found a big load of divx movies on a nntp server. so i downloaded these movies to my xbox and now i am off for the rest of the afternoon,… Continue reading

because we want to improve the overall foxite and visual foxpro community experience, we are now offering free weblogs to our community members. if you'd like to have your own weblog, please drop me a note at please include your foxite username in your e-mail. please note that we have to process all requests manually so it may take some time until your blog is set up.
update march 19, 2005: you can now sign up by filling in the sign-up form on the home page at

this is your hosts first post to the foxite community weblog. stay tuned for more.