After almost 7 years of service, I have finally shut down the old Community Server blogging software that was used to run Please welcome the new WordPress powered Foxite.COM Community Weblog.

Please note that there was no solid conversion from CS to WordPress. I had to write one myself. For that, I also had to study the MySql syntax, since I have never done any serious work in MySql before. I did not convert any custom links such as blogrolls etc that bloggers added to their site. In addition, I did not convert the Galleries that existed in… Continue reading

in the last few months, i received a number of invitations from friends and vfp developers to join their linkedin network. after giving this some thought, i decided to go ahead and sign up. i was surprised to see many names of other people who are hanging out here, including andy, marcia, doug, barbara, anders, mike and boudewijn.

you can connect to my personal network here:

i also set up a linkedin group called <b>foxite community for visual foxpro developers</b>. you can join this group here:

if you don't have a linkedin account yet, you can sign up for free here:

dbi is pleased to be offering vfp developers a special added bonus with this the last microsoft release of visual foxpro. the following 8 dbi commercial components are ready for your development projects. this selection of sedna controls are fully licensed and come with a royalty-free distribution agreement for each appropriately registered vfp 9.0 sedna developer. more info: here

here's your chance to meet vfp mvp's rick schummer and doug hennig. both gents will present a number of sessions. more info and registration (in duch) here:


but it does work on the mac... this clip is so funny :).

just sit back and enjoy the 15 minutes of fun.

the prague vfp devcon 2007 was the very first multi-day vfp only conference i attended. igor vit and his team have done a wonderful job and the english speakers were fantastic (i'm sure the other speakers were too, but for obvious reasons i did not attend any czech sessions).

igor also organized a guided tour in prague for speakers, mvp’s and other vip’s. our guide, martina, was a very friendly lady who took us to some nice places in prague and even arranged a private visit to the municipal building. the city of prague is old and very beautiful. you should really go there if… Continue reading

found this clip on youtube. it's about cell phone salesman paul potts who sings the opera nessun dorma in a uk talent show called britain's got talent.

truely amazing what this amateur can do:
here's luciano's (longer and ofcourse better) version:

-- update june 15 --:
so this guy has made it to the finals. kudos. here's his semi-final performance:
and here's bocelli's rendition:

microsoft czech republic and daquas will organize the 10th year of a conference for developers who create applications using microsoft visual foxpro. "visual foxpro devcon, praha 2007" will take place in prague, czech republic on 19th - 21st june 2007.
you will find more information on the conference web site:
visual foxpro devcon, praha 2007 will comprise of approximately 30 sessions out of which more than 10 are presented in english by worldwide respected foxpro experts. this year is the 10th year of the event and it has been the largest out of any other foxpro conferences… Continue reading

ok so cesar wants to know more about me... [and so does andrew (update january 14)]. well here are 5 things only a few people know:

  • when i was seventeen, i created a fake crime scene on our high school playground, in the middle of the night. there were police signs and a chalk drawing of a dead body. it was great to see the wtf-look on the principal's face the next day when he arrived at school. the joke got even better when the police arrived to investigate my murder scene.
  • the island of bali (indonesia) is my favorite vacation destination… Continue reading

i just finished installing windows vista ultimate rtm on my dell inspiron 9400 dev laptop. i used to run windows xp and windows 2003 on this machine.

i was impressed by the fact that windows recognized all my hardware, including the onboard wifi and bluetooth radio's. this was not the case when i installed xp on this laptop.

i think it's going to take a while until i'm used to all the new icons though.

after i've installed visual foxpro and vs2005, i'm going to create an acronis image of my drive and then i think i'm going to relax… Continue reading