in my previous post, i thanked all folks that i met at southwest fox 2009.

now, i will try to show you in a few words why this conference exceeded all my expectations…

  • the best speakers in the world;
  • sessions start and end without delay;
  • everything is very well organized;
  • a lot of stuff: a bag with shirts, name badge, pens, a binder with a printed copy of the conference guide and a cd with all the speakers materials including slides, white papers and samples;
  • a chance to express your opinion filling the evaluation forms;
  • buy printed copies of useful books for a cheap price;
  • a lot of door prizes;
  • free wireless internet access;
  • good meal;
  • comfortable accommodations;
  • nice weather (warm and dry);
  • to meet some folks in person;
  • and last, but not least important: cool attendees!

you’re still not convinced that southwest fox really rocks?

take a look at the following pictures that i took during the conference and start to think about to attend southwest fox next year.

arizona golf resort


conference center


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