like i said in some vfp forums, i'm working on a new control named outlooknavbar (download the project clicking in the link at the end of this post).

this new control basically do the same that outlook2003bar does, but not use gdi+ to create images and handle themes tasks using a new class named themesmanager.

now the project has two classes:

outlooknavbar.vcx - with the new improved control based on outlook2003bar;

themedcontrols.vcx - with lot of "themed" controls and a subclass of outlooknavbar named themedoutlooknavbar.

how this new themedcontrols class work?

firstly you need to do is create an object based on themesmanager control and place them in a property named themesmanager on _screen and destroy the object when it will not used anymore - as you can see in load and unload method of themedform control.
this object will be used to handle all theme changes.

so, create a form and place the controls from themedcontrols class and voila!

take a look at sample form to a better view of how this class works.

asap, i will post more details.

feel free to make comments, send suggestions or report any bug.

here is a screenshot...

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  • Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Emerson.
    Some problems in the attached file:

    1 – When running the EXE, pictures are not shown… path problem ?
    2 – If I run just the SCX, it looks for the Active project, but you did not send the PJX !


    Hi Cesar!

    I’ve changed the pictures path and included the pjx, please download again.

    Tks a lot!


  • FoxHunter says:

    Nice idea and look! Will check…

    Please keep it up

  • Enmanuel Gómez says:

    It looks great! And in tune with the new office GUI design. Did you notice the Silver and Olive themes do not have the minimize button? I’ll make a few more tests and let you know what I find.

    The Office 2003 themes originally doesn’t have the minimize button. It was introduced in Office 2007, but I could accomplish this.

  • Luis Navas says:

    Great Emerson, thanks for great work.

    Take care.

  • Pepe Cuenca says:

    Thanks for great work.

    I have a problem, is that in the beginning the menu always appears to me without no Panelbuttons, all this in paneloverflow. When you move splitter everything appears correctly.

    Hi Pepe!
    Have you changed any property of control?
    Could you give me more details?


  • nminhduc says:

    A great and cute control for VFP!

    Thanks for great work!


  • Kat says:

    Great work!!!

    I have an problem. When the navbar is minimized, and i clicked a overflowpanelbutton with almost 1 form open, the menu overflow is presented in form. ??

    Could you send me an image to see what’s happening?
    emerson_reed at hotmail dot com

    I received your e-mail, made some tests and this is really happening.
    The problem is that the control is in a toolbar and some weird behaviour (and other issues) occurs in this case.
    I’ll try to find a solution.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Emerson:
    Very cute indeed! Just what I’ve been looking for. I have some qqs:

    1. What code needs to be changed in order to have more than 4 buttons displayed at a given time, i.e. 10 buttons or more?

    The number of buttons is equal to PageCount property of Panes pageframe inside OutlookNavBar. All that you need to do is change this property to the number of buttons that you want to create and set the picture’s property of each page and place your controls inside them.
    If you want to change the default number of buttons showed under the splitter, just set the MaxShowedButtons property to desired value.
    Be careful and ensure that there is space available to set to 10, for example.

    2. Where to use code to control the shrinkbutton when a button is pressed, i.e to give more room?

    When the control is expanded/collapsed, the ViewModeChanged is fired.
    You can place the code to resize, reposition another objects in this method.

    When you click in a button, the ButtonClick method is fired.
    You can place the code to execute some actions in this method.


  • Sam says:

    Thanks. Somehow I missed the MaxShowedButtons property. I adjusted it and it works great.

    I think I’m doing something wrong on the Shrinkbutton issue. All I want to do is simulate the action that happens when the Shrinkbutton on ThemedOutlookNavbar [“<<“] is clicked, i.e. move the ThemedOutlookNavbar out of the way. I couldn’t invoke Shrinkbutton.Click… so, I put this code, but nothing happens:

    There’s no way to do this in this version.
    I’ll think on a way to do this programmatically.
    Maybe in the next version. Ok?

    In the next version you’ll use the new ChangeViewMode method.

  • Jitendra Shahani says:

    Hi Emerson
    I am facing a problem when I resize the ThemedOutlookNavBar & ThemedTitlePageframe. The resize works fine when running under VFP IDE but something happens when running in Exe mode. The gradient stuff does not appear correctly. Also when i resize the form the width of both the controls goes back to it’s original size. Is there an immediate solution for this problem. Eagerly waiting for your new themed controls project.

    What VFP version are you using? 9 without SP?
    Have you changed the anchor properties?
    Are you placing code in some ThemedOutlookNavBar method?

  • Sam says:

    Much appreciated.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Emerson:

    Hi Sam!

    Eagerly awaiting the next version. Some other suggestions, please:
    1. The absence of the minimize button on the “Automatic” and “Office 2003 styles” would be somewhat confusing to the average user. Though this may not have been a feature in Outlook 2003, it would make thisincreadible creation uniform.

    Will be available in the next version.


    The controls (command button, etc) I placed in the navbar’s page or on the container did not resize with the form. Any suggestions?

    You can set the Anchor property of these controls.
    This way, when parent object is resized, the child controls are automatically resized
    Be sure that you are using VFP 9 with Service Pack 1. This SP fixes some bugs related with anchoring.

  • Jitendra Shahani says:

    Hello Emerson
    Sorry for replying so late.

    Hello. No problem.

    What VFP version are you using? 9 without SP?
    I am using VFP9 SP2 beta over VFP9 SP1
    Have you changed the anchor properties?
    Are you placing code in some ThemedOutlookNavBar method?
    Only in ViewModeChanged & ButtonClicked

    I have this problem some time ago but I haven’t SP 1 installed.
    After install SP 1, the problem was solved.

    So, the problem wasn’t solved yet… please send me an e-mail (emerson_reed at hotmail dot com) with the form and I will try to see whats happening.

    I received your form.
    The problem was solved changing Anchor property of your control.

    Can i use the ThemedControls.Vcx in my application other than using it in the outlook menu. I want all the forms in my app to adopt the themes.

    Yes. It’s totally free.

  • Adriano says:

    I didn´t manage to use this control, I am to try to use the sample.
    Can you help me ?

    Hi Adriano.
    I will make a video or create a blog post to show how to use the control ASAP.

  • Sam says:


    Sleek job with the combination of the Zoombar and OutlookBar. I’m referencing the Themed control of 2007-10-07. Thanks for implementing the Shrinkbutton through ChangeViewMode as promised. It works, but it takes about 5 seconds to refresh on my computer. There’s no such delay with anything else in the program. I’m sure you can improve that.

    Can you send me this form to see whats happening?

    Also, how could I get it to shrink when I click on a panel button as Outlook does? Currently I put the code on a command button for testing, like this: Thisform.Themedoutlooknavbar.ChangeViewMode

    I don’t understand what you want, could you give more details?

    There’s only one minor glitch I’ve noticed in these combo control. When you shrink, there’s a leftover of the title with the Shrikbutton. There’s a partial show of 1st and 3rd letter of the title. This was corrected in version 2, as I remember it.

    I only saw this happening in VFP 9 without SP 1…
    Please, send me this form.

    Thanks as always for a remarkable job!

  • Allen says:

    Hi Emerson
    I seem to be having a problem with the latest version. I had it working prior and downloaded the new one but, I have on my form, a class to resize using the registry so it happens to all forms automatically. But the nav control does not and Im not sure what to do to make it do so. Not well up on anchors. I can get the nav to resize but the buttons do not. What should I do.

    Hi Allen.
    Can you send me the form and the classes to see whats happening?

  • Deegii says:

    Hi Emerson.

    Themedcontrols is great.


  • Alex Alfonso says:

    Hola Emerson tengo Problemas con el control ya que yo genero las opciones dinamicamente, creo los panes y las pages pero cuando utilizo el Splithhorizontal se corren los botones, como te envio las imagenes para que lo chequees.

    Hello Emerson Problems with my control and I dynamically generates options,

    I think the Panes and pages, but when I use Splithhorizontal run buttons, as you send the pictures to be chequed.

  • I am using your control a product that I am developing right now. I really like it an are hoping it will be released very soon

    Thanks again


  • Alex Sosa says:

    Hi Emerson,

    You provided a useful help file in Outlook2003Bar.  Perhaps you can update it with information on how to use themes adn republish it for OutlookNavBar.

    Currently I’m working on it. I’ll post ASAP. 

    Thanks for this useful tool.


  • NareshDhakecha says:

    It’s nice emerson,

    But I can’t download from this link.

    Plz can you send me at email-

    This is an older version.
    Take a look to new version here:

  • rüya tabiri says:

    Thank You…

  • ian says:

    Hi emerson…

    It’s look great, but can it work in vfp version 8.0..?

    please.. could you send me your control that can run in vfp 8.0 at email-



    Hi Ian!
    Sorry, but I don’t have a ThemedControl version that works in older VFP versions.
    Would be necessary to change a lot of things to make it work in older VFP versions and, instead of this, I prefer to focus on new features.
    Despite of this, you can do it yourself. ThemedControls are free and comes with the source code.

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