i know that the "tag game" stopped a long days ago, but i've been very busy and can't answer to césar chalom and rick borup (both "tagged" me) until now, but better late than never...

1. despite of living in são paulo, i'm a flamengo's fan (rio de janeiro soccer team)! 
everybody always asked me why... 
my father was santos's fan and my mother is palmeiras's fan. they ever tried to influence me, but at that time, flamengo had a great team (zico, junior, andrade, adílio, nunes, leandro and company) and they won a lot of championships (world soccer's team, brazilian and carioca) and i had never seen another team play like this. so i decided to be a fan of the flamengo! 
2. i don't smoke and don't drink. 
3. i love music! my favorite bands are: jars of clay, dc talk, newsboys, third day, kutless, oficina g3, resgate, u2, a-ha, new order, tears for fears, information society and kon kan. 
i also like to watch some tv series like smallville, the o. c., seventh heaven and everwood. 
4. when i'm nervous, i have a bad habit to scratch my head. my wife and my little daughter always reprehend me, but i still didn't get to stop. i think that i get this soon, because my wife helped me to stop another bad habit a few years ago: to gnaw nails. 
5. when i began to date georgea (my beloved wife), she told me that she was seated in a chair behind me in baptist church in my baptism day and that angelica (my mother-in-law) said to her: "oh, there is a beautiful boy in your front!" and she responded "i saw no one". 
i want to say to georgea: despite of this, honey, i still loving you!   ; )

i would like to "tag" these people:

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