Monthly Archives: October 2006

i've posted a new outlook2003bar version at vfpx.
download here.

this version has minor bug fixes and some help updates.

read the help file in outlook2003bar\vcx folder to know how to use the control.

please, feel free to make comments, send suggestions or request bug fixes.

vfp rocks!

this control is part of vfpx, a visual foxpro community effort to create open source add-ons for visual foxpro 9.0.


as everybody can see in my previous posts, from july i start to develop a control (entirely written in vfp) with the same look and feel of the microsoft outlook 2003 shortcut bar.
after some days developing, i've posted a beta version of control, waiting for a feedback from vfp community.
with a positive feedback, i start to improve the control and, after one month (in august), the control was completed.
again, i've posted the control and publish them in a famous site about vfp.
with a great repercussion, the control was downloaded more than 3.000 times!
from the beggining, the only intent, was… Continue reading