in the last days, i worked on a new version of the outlook2003bar control, making some adjusts and adding new features.

the look has minor changes...

new features:

1) now you don't need to add the buttons manually! the only thing you need to do is add the pages in the panes pageframe control inside outlook2003bar and set: caption, picture16 and picture24 page's properties and the control will automatically create the buttons at runtime.

2) added predefined color schemes that follows blue, silver and olive windows xp themes. if you change the active windows xp theme, the control color scheme is changed too! also, you can manually change the control's colors.

3) outlook2003bar help file is avaiable in vcx directory.

note that the size of the image used in panelbuttons changed from 32x32 to 24x24!

after download outlook2003bar attached, open sample.pjx, compile them and run sample.exe.

please, feel free to make comments, send suggestions or request bug fixes.

vfp rocks!

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