It's been too long since my last post.
I spent years working with VFP, PostgreSQL, Cursor Adapter, XML, automation of government web sites, consuming web services, .Net COM DLLs, ActiveX, OCR and optimizing application performance.
In the end, I learned many interesting things that I want to share with you soon.
Meanwhile ... VFP is alive and kicking!

in my previous post, i thanked all folks that i met at southwest fox 2009.

now, i will try to show you in a few words why this conference exceeded all my expectations…

  • the best speakers in the world;
  • sessions start and end without delay;
  • everything is very well organized;
  • a lot of stuff: a bag with shirts, name badge, pens, a binder with a printed copy of the conference guide and a cd with all the speakers materials including slides, white papers and samples;
  • a chance to express your opinion filling the evaluation forms;
  • buy printed copies of useful… Continue reading

i've added a new feature to disable/enable buttons and stack buttons in zoomnavbar.

now you can disable/enable a button passing a parameter in addbutton and addstackbutton methods (when button is created) or calling the new setbuttonstate and setstackbuttonstate methods.

zoomnavbar is part of themedcontrols that you can download here.

here is a screenshot of the new feature:

here are some screenshots from themedexplorerbar, the new themedcontrols member.

currently the control is working like a charm but i'm trying to make it more easy to configure.


it will be available soon. stay tuned!

vfp rocks!

currently, i'm working on a new project named themedcontrols.

this project includes new versions of outlooknavbar (old outlook2003bar) and zoomnavbar controls.

for now, i've made a short video (there's a link to download the zipped file at the bottom of this post) to let the community see what's coming in the next few days.

enjoy it!

a long time ago i saw a very cool control (i don't remember where) that "zoom" the image button when it receives the focus. so i think... i could do something like this in vfp!

after some days working at my lunch time in this project, i finally have a beta version.

take a look at this screenshot:

at the bottom of this post there's a link to download a zip file including the class and a sample (with a help) on how to use this control.

is this cool? so help me to improve it giving some feedback, suggestions or reporting… Continue reading

like i said in some vfp forums, i'm working on a new control named outlooknavbar (download the project clicking in the link at the end of this post).

this new control basically do the same that outlook2003bar does, but not use gdi+ to create images and handle themes tasks using a new class named themesmanager.

now the project has two classes:

outlooknavbar.vcx - with the new improved control based on outlook2003bar;

themedcontrols.vcx - with lot of "themed" controls and a subclass of outlooknavbar named themedoutlooknavbar.

how this new themedcontrols class work?

firstly you need to do is create an object based on themesmanager control and place them… Continue reading

i've posted a new outlook2003bar version at vfpx.
download here.

this version has a bug fix with citrix environment.

read the help file in outlook2003bar\vcx folder to know how to use the control.

please, feel free to make comments, send suggestions or request bug fixes.

vfp rocks!

this control is part of vfpx, a visual foxpro community effort to create open source add-ons for visual foxpro 9.0.


i know that the "tag game" stopped a long days ago, but i've been very busy and can't answer to césar chalom and rick borup (both "tagged" me) until now, but better late than never...

1. despite of living in são paulo, i'm a flamengo's fan (rio de janeiro soccer team)! 
everybody always asked me why... 
my father was santos's fan and my mother is palmeiras's fan. they ever tried to influence me, but at that time, flamengo had a great team (zico, junior, andrade, adílio, nunes, leandro and company) and they won a lot of championships (world soccer's team, brazilian… Continue reading

i've developed a splitterbar class and would like to receive some feedback about them.

- anchor
- collapse/expand "panels"

download the post attachment file below and unzip them.
open the project and run form1, form2 and form3 samples.
try to "resize" the panels or click on the "arrows".

the class will only work with vfp 9.

please, send suggestions or report bugs.

this class is based on christof wollenhaupt class.