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your customer and final user, is using by first time your application, write, add records, edit it, process data, etc. in a unafortunate moment, he need clear the content of one field (in a textbox control) in the current form. when he begin to clear the field, using the backspace key; and comes to start of field, the cursor leap in a previous field and he look that, not only is cleared the required field value!, this also clear other fields!. your user try undo it, but he can not do it. then, a famous question is  ask you: because… Continue reading

in the last month end, the microsoft visual foxpro team has released the first download for the "sedna" preview, this is a group of features that will be avaiable in the next version of visual foxpro. this is a cool implementation of .net 2.0 features in a component called net4com.

the sedna feature overview documents are also avaiable and includes all this new features (they were released before).

the announce was made by milind lele, vs data pm in his blog on http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdata.

for more information about vfp future visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/vfoxpro/roadmap .


in foxpro is possible to be made many things, and thanks to it, we can remove to him to benefit to component external, such as com objects, or own windows components, as it is the case of the windows scripting host.  it is possible that with function aprinters, we obtain but data that the one that has been obtained in this routine, but this it was a small example that if we removed benefit of everything we will be but productive.

here the example:

*/ showprinterswithwsh.prg
*/ this is a routine that shows the ;
   printers installed in the… Continue reading

yes, now you can refresh the content of the foxpro taskpane, from the following site: http://www.taskpane.com, here you found xml panes to download and install into own taskpane.

the visual foxpro, is a feature to visual foxpro from your 8.0 version, and is the elegant and pretty tool and add-in to visual foxpro.

now you can obtain very information from rss, xml web services, xml, etc. through of the taskpane of visual foxpro.

excellent, right?