there are certainly more than 99 new features in vfp 9, but i'm going to take a little time to point out some of what i believe to be the best reasons to make the move.

the first reason to upgrade to vfp9 is stability.

i had the opportunity to work as a contract tester on vfp9. i worked with the product every day for the last year of its 9.0 development and i have to say it was the most stable piece of beta code i've ever used!

the testing team was focused on extensive coverage of new… Continue reading

i've been blogging for about at year (hosted at blogspot), but i love the idea of a vfp community blog.

this was a great idea eric, thanks for the effort and resources.

i was going to start a "99 reasons to upgrade to vfp9" series on my musings blog, but i think i'll start it here instead.